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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chakma & Minority Rally at UN

Chakma & Minority Rally
In front of UN

Indigenous Jumma People's Network USA (IJPN) & Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, USA (BHBCUC) jointly held a 'RALLY' in front of UN @ 1PM-3PM on Friday, 25th April 2008. Buddha Rattan Bhikkhu, president, IJPN, USA & as many as 15 other monks were present at the rally and talked about CHT & minority problems.... One monk from Tibbet joined the gathering. Three other monks from Burma respectively Ven Kheminda; U Suriya & Ashin Indaka joined & supported .....demands. ..were: Stop killing in CHT; Stop Land Grabbing; Stop Military atrocity; Implement CHT Peace Treaty; Withdraw Military from CHT; Stop Burning Houses in CHT; Stop Religious Persecution; Repeal Enemy Property etc... Buddha Rattan Bhikkhu, president, IJPN, USA & BHBCUC, USA president Ratan Barua jointly handed over two memorandums. the Secretary General's representative.