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Thursday, July 1, 2010

646 children killed, 300 raped in 3 yrs in Bangladesh

Source: The Daily star News

About 300 children aged between three to 18 years were violated in last three years and 62 of them were killed after the rape, says a report.

It says 646 children were murdered and 4,807 died in various circumstances in 2007-2009.

Save The Children, Sweden-Denmark placed this statistics at a press conference at the National Press Club yesterday.

The report tilled "This is our life" was made based on the reports published in daily newspapers collected by Ichchey Media Group, a children-run organisation.

The report says there are more than 85 ways by which children can be harmed, injured, abused, murdered or tortured and a total of 5,461 children died in various circumstances in three years.

The number of early marriage has also increased as 24 early marriages took place in 2009 compared to 15 in 2008, said Swapna, a member of the Media Group while presenting the findings.

Physical torture on children has also increased over the last three years with 77 children reportedly being tortured in 2009 compared to 29 in 2008, said Ramjan, another presenter adding, "Girls are the main victims of physical torture."

But number of children who were mentally tortured as reported in the newspapers was only 1 but such torture was 334 in 2007 and 558 in 2008, said Sujon, another member of the group.

Terming the figure as alarming, Save The Children Country Director Birgit Lundbak said it is the duty of adults to save children against such violence.

"The report is called 'This is our life', but it is not a very good life," she said, adding that children are the victim of rape, abuse, murder, drowning, mistreatment and many other things.

The members of Ichchey Media Group urged journalists to make follow up reports on the torture on children to keep pressure on the authorities concerned.

Swapna of the group said they monitored the Prothom Alo, Ittefaq, Somokal, Jai Jai Din and Jugantor.