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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Breaking News! An indigenous Jumma woman killed allegedly by Bengali settlers in Rangamati

Source: Kapaeeng Foundation

On 7 July 2012 just afternoon, a 45-year old indigenous Jumma woman was chopped to kill allegedly by Bengali settlers in Uluchara area under Rangamati municipality in Rangamati district. It is suspected that the victim might be killed after rape. The victim was identified as Ms. Bolimila Chakma w/o Durgamoni Chakma from Suguripadachara village of Bhushanchara union under Barkal upazila of Rangamati district.
It is learnt that Bolimila Chakma has come from Suguripadachara village of Barkal upazila to her uncle Rajani Chakma’s (Sara Bap) house at Uluchara vilage of Rangamati town for her treatment. On 7 July around 2.00 pm Bolimila Chakma went to a nearby stream around 400 feet away from her uncle’s house for taking a bath. As she did not return to house even after 2/3 hours, the relatives of victim went out for searching her. At a stage, at around 5:00 pm her relatives found the dead body of Bolimila Chakma in completely naked nearby the stream with deep cut on the neck and hands. The ear-ring and the necklace made of gold of the victim were also looted.
The dead body was taken to Rangamati General Hospital. Till preparing the report, it is learnt that the post-mortem of the dead body will be done 8 July. Husband of the victim is supposed to come to Rangamati from Barkal by 8 July 2012.
It is worth mentioning that murder, rape and violence against indigenous women and children in various parts of the country have been increasing at an alarming rate, particularly in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. At least 19 incidents on violence against indigenous women from January 2012 to June 2012 have been documented. Of them, 2 indigenous girls whose aged 7 and 11 years were brutally killed after rape while 10 indigenous women were raped. Besides, 2 indigenous girls were abducted.