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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Non-tribal students get admitted at tribal quota in Comilla University

Source: Kapaeeng Foundation

Comilla University posted the result of the first year admission test of the academic session 2009-2010 at its website ( The website shows that some non-tribal students get admitted under tribal quota.

According to the merit list of science unit, Limon Kanti Dey (Roll no. 30724) got chance to admit under tribal quota. Similarly, according to the merit list of business unit, Mohammad Abdullah Al (Roll no. 42050) and Md Minhajul Abedin (Roll no. 45286) get admitted under tribal quota. However, actual tribal were kept in the waiting list of this business unit.

Freedom fighter quota and tribal quota in the arts & humanities and social science unit is not clear as merit list of these two quotas were shown in one list. Total 12 students got chance to admit at these two quotas. Of them, 5 students are tribal and 7 students are non-tribal.

Please visit to for details and click to ‘Merit & Waiting List for Quota’.