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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Adolescent Jumma girl allegedly raped by a Sub-Inspector (SI) and hotel owner in Rangamati

Source: PCJSS

On 19 January 2010 an adolescent Jumma girl (13 years) was allegedly raped by Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Abdur Rahim from Vedvedi Outpost under Rangamati police station and Manager of Hotel Palace Md. Masud.

It is learnt that the victim of adolescent girl is a student of grade IX of local high school. Couple days before ASI Abdur Rahim introduced himself with the victim. On 19 January ASI Abdur Rahim invited the victim over cell phone for having a cup of coffee at Hotel Palace situated at old bus station under Rangamati municipality. On good faith, she went to hotel at 4.00 pm on that day. However, relatives of the victim alleged that taking her at a room of hotel palace, she was first raped by ASI Abdur Rahman and then by hotel manager Md. Masud.

No sooner of receiving this report, a group of women rights activists led by Adv. Sushmita Chakma rushed there and found the victim at a hotel room logged from outside. Sensing it, ASI Abdur Rahman fled the hotel. Women rights activists went to the police station and put objection against the said ASI and hotel manager. However, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Kotwali police station Babul Uddin Sardar at first denied to accepting any case against said ASI in connection with this incident. Finally due to tremendous pressure from women rights and media activists, a case against three persons including ASI Abdur Rahman and hotel manager Md. Masud was registered with Kotwali police station by elder sister of victim.

It is also reported that ASI Abdur Rahman was closed from Vedvedi outpost. Medical test was also done at the evening on 20 January. But medical report is yet to be received.

Tanchangya villagers beat by BDR at Tamprue in Naikhyongchari upazila

Source: PCJSS

On 19 January 2010 Tanchangya villagers of Tamprue Upper Tanachangya Para under under Naikhyongchari upazila in Bandarban district including women were beaten by BDR personnel of Tamprue BDR outpost.

It is learnt that very recently Tanchangya villagers gathered forest products for their domestic uses basically for repairing and re-constructing their houses. However, the BDR personnel from Tamprue outpost conducted operation at Tamprue village. Seeing the trees gathered at their houses, BDR personnel charged villagers with smuggling of forest products. At first they beat male villagers of the Tanchangya community while they were trying to protest. BDR personnel also tortured women while they protested against the false charge and beating of male villagers. The name of victims of Tanchangya villagers are yet to be received.

Bengali settlers resume expansion of settlement in Sajek

Source: PCJSS

Since 17 January 2010 Bengali settlers with the support of Baghaihat army zone resumed expansion of their settlement in Sajek area under Baghaichari upazila in Rangamati district.

It is learnt that Bengali settlers started to construct the house at Gangaram Duar area under Sajek union since 17 January 2010. A number of houses have already been erected by the Bengali settlers occupying Jumma villagers’ land.

Protesting against the expansion of Bengali settlement, local Jumma villagers are boycotting the Baghaihat bazaar since the start of expansion of Bengali settlement. On the contrary, military forces of Baghaihat zone and Bengali settlers are also preventing Jumma villagers who are trying to take their agricultural products to Baghaichari bazaar or Dighinala bazaar for selling. Hence, Jumma villagers are suffering from marketing of their products.

It is mentionable that on 20 April 2008 Bengali settlers with the help of army from Baghaihat zone set fire on 7 Jumma villages where 78 Jumma houses were completely burnt to ashes in order to occupy Jumma villagers’ land. After the incident, in some cases the Jumma villagers were prevented by the military forces to re-construct their houses on their land. Even one Jumma villager named Ladu Moni Chakma was brutally killed by Bengali settlers on 19 August 2008 as he did not agree to leave his land as per order of Bengali settlers and gave interview to the CHT Commission.