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Friday, October 23, 2009

Garo people celebrate 'Wangala'

Source: The Daily star News

The indigenous Garo people at Madhupur in Tangail yesterday celebrated their largest annual festival Wangala/Onegala, a festival for dedicating crops to the goods.

Thousands of indigenous Garo people of Madhupur Garh region and other guests, including representatives of different NGOs and foreigners, joined the daylong programmes on Pirgachha Cent Paul High School premises at Pirgachha Dharmopalli in Madhupur.

With singing songs and giving wreaths to guests by the student of the school the celebration began.

Prof Mesbah Kamal, Philip Gain, Rakhi Mrong attended the programme among many others as guest.

Babul D Nokrake, Mrigen Hagidak, Monalisa Daru and Graner Nokrake also addressed the function.

After completion of all traditional formalities to dedicate crops to gods, Garo people performed an eye-catching cultural event on the same stage.

They performed their traditional dances, including Gorirua, Grikka, Nanggory, Dellang Mangpina, Amak Balanga Malla, Serenging and Bi Sa Dimdima dances on the stage.