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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wakeup call to Bangladeshi ministers

Source: Weekly Blitz Editorial

According to a commentary titled ‘Sleeping ministers, rapes and atrocities in Bangladesh’ published in Weekly Blitz on October 7, 2009, although nine months have already passed since Awami League led ‘Grand Alliance’ government [a combination of leftists and Islamists] came in power through a questioned landslide victory, according to Dhaka’s popular vernacular tabloid daily Manabzamin, twenty ministers and junior ministers in the cabinet are seen very much inactive. Two of the ministers of the present government are mostly spending time at home or hospital as they have several physical complications, while some of them do not attend their office even five hours a week. Ministries are forced to send files at their homes for signature. According to Manabzamin, there is no reflection of the Electoral Manifesto of Bangladesh Awami League in its administration. There are 52 member cabinet in Bangladesh consisting ministers, junior ministers and advisors. The newspaper said, there is ‘tug of war’ between ministers and secretaries in a number of ministries in Bangladesh, as those ministers are trying to turn these government offices into mere center of party sycophants and touts. There is also a very strange news about corruption in the Agriculture Ministry, which is headed by veteran politician Matia Chowdhury, who enjoyed a very clean image in Bangladeshi politics. According to the report, Agricultural affairs minister Matia Chowdhury, who enjoys high esteem of being the most honest politician in Bangladesh is earning wrath of Awami League activists as she rejects all forms of requests from party touts. But now a days, there are even allegations of irregularities against Mrs. Chowdhury. She is alleged of issuing license for dealing in fertilizer only to Awami League cadres. And, there is another news of corruption by very controversial minister Faruq Khan. According to the news, Commerce minister Lieutenant Colonel [Retired] Faruq Khan has already earned the bad reputation of being the most talketive minister in Bangladesh. Although there are rumors that the commerce minister does not pay any heed to any type of persuation from the party cadres, it is proved that several relatives of him are active in lobbying and they are known to be the ‘channels’ in reaching the minister in getting any issue settled and done. Faruq Khan is already alleged of according a huge business contract of edible oil and sugar to a non-existent Swedish company.
Quoting a local vernacular daily, it was also mentioned in the commentary that, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s son, Sajib Wajed Joy is working as her ‘undeclared advisor’ since the present government came in power. Bangladeshi embassy in Washington later in a press release said that, Sajib Wajed Joy is the advisor of his ‘mother’ and not the ‘Prime Minister’.
In 1996, when Awami League came in power, Joy, who lives in United States committes series of irregularities by proclaiming to be the advisor to his mother. It was even reported in a English language periodical in Bangladesh that Sajib Wajed Joy became owner of huge properties in United States during the tenure of his mother [1996-2001].
In this case, certainly a valid question will come. If the son is the advisor to his mother, then, why such issues should reach the press? Why Bangladeshi embassy in Washington mentioned Joy as the ‘advisor to Prime Minister’ and later changed it with ‘advisor to his mother’?
Being a mother, Sheikh Hasina, surely can seek suggestions and advice from her son on various matter, where she fails to understand anything. But, was it necessary at all to let this matter be publicized?
In the same commentary, there was another extremely disturbing information. Quoting a Bangla daily, in the commentary, it was mentioned that 338 women and children were raped during past nine months in various parts of Bangladesh while 50 women and 22 minor girls were murdered after rape.
On September 25, 2009, 10 activists of Bangladesh Awami League raped a young girl, on her return from a Hindu temple at Kolapara upazila [sub-district] under Patuakhali district at the Southern part of Bangladesh. Later, an influential ruling party leader of the sub-dustrict, forced the family members of the raped girl to sign in blank papers to stop them from lodging any complaint with police. None of the perpetrators were ever arrested since the brutal rape of the Hindu girl.
At Pirojpur district [Southern part of Bangladesh], Ahsan Kabir Mamun, information secretary of the district committee of the student wing of Bangladesh Awami League abducted a school girl and videographed while raping her with the help of his friends. It may be mentioned here that, while Awami League was in power in 1996, a leader of its student’s wing arranged a grand party at Jahangir Nagar University to celebrate the completion of his ‘raping 100 female students’. Later, instead of punishing this perpetrator, Awami League awarded him with a job at National University. Since Awami League came in power in 2009, such rapes have again started in various university campuses and residential halls in Bangladesh.
All are terribly disturbing information! Should the ministers in the present government wake up from their sleep before everything is too late? Should the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina finetune some of the actions and activities of her party? Should she also stop listening to sycophants?
Leaders of the ruling party and those ministers are very confident to believe that, they will be in power at least till 2021 as they have very successfully tamed the major opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party already. Visibly there is no political opponent of the ruling party in Bangladesh now. The parliament is also under the absolute control of the ruling party. Opposition is continuing to boycott the parliament. Alarmingly, Bangladesh is gradually heading towards ‘Democratic Autocracy’ or may be even worst, which is named in many nations as ‘Family Dynasty’.
Problem with Bangladeshi politicians is, they never take lesson from the past. Awami League too surely has forgotten their divastating defeat in the General Election in 2001. They were virtually rejected by the voters in Bangladesh for several wrong actions. And unfortunately, the same party, which won a massive victory during General Election in December 2008 is repeating the same old blunders.

Muslim Men Pretending to Be Hindu to Lure Hindu Girls Into Marriage

Source: AINA

Joypurhat, Bangladesh (AINA) -- Muslim men are pretending to be Hindus to lure Hindu girls into marriage, then force them to accept Islam once they are married, according to Nripendra Nath Mondal, president of BHBC Unity Council of Joypurhat.
The practice of fraudulent conversion by Muslims impersonating Hindus has increased dramatically in Joypurhat. A sense of insecurity prevails in the Hindu communities. Local authorities have failed to give adequate protection to victims and their families.
In one example, Ms. Purnima Rani, daughter of Dulal Roy of Joypurhat, went missing after receing a fraudulent marriage offer with a "Hindu" boy. The Muslim perpetrator is a relative of a very powerful Juba League Leader of Joypurhat. Ms. Purnima Rani could not be recovered despite desperate several arbitration attempts with the powerful Awami League Leaders. The police also neglect to bring charges case against the perpetrators. In Ms. Rani's case charges were brought after great pressure was applied, but the perpetrator started harassing the victim's family.
Ms. Nabami Sarkar of Aimar Rasulpur village, Ms. Mina Debnath of Shaljune village, as well as Ms. Krishna Rani and Ms. Prativa Rani of Govindapur, were also targets of the scam.
The police have shown no interest in pursuing these cases. Hindu leaders have said the police are deliberately ignoring the issue because of pressure from political leaders.

Fresh news of minority persecution in Bangladesh

Source: American Chronicle

Abduction of a Christian girl: Silvia Sarker [Merry], aged about 12 and a student of 8th grade was abducted on July 30, 2009 on her way to home from school in Barisal district [southern part of Bangladesh] by a group of armed youths. Silvia Sarker is a student of local Sreemati Matrimongal Girls High School.

A group of culprits named Al-Amin Faria [24], Shamim Faria [22], Shahadat Faria [20] amd Sattar Faria [50] of the locality abducted Silvia Sarker at around 1:00 pm from a place which is two kilometer away from the local police station. A first information report [formal case] was lodged on August 2, 2009 by Julian Sarker, father of the Christian school girl, under section 7/30 of the Women and Children Repression Act. Case number 3.

In the first information report (FIR), it was alleged that the victim was abducted for forceful conversion to Islam and was forced to marry a Muslim boy. She was subsequently raped by her abducter. Local newspapers carried news of this abduction. Police failed to rescue the girl from the captivity of the abducters.Though police arrested two of the accuseds, but they later were released on bail from the court and started giving threats of dire consequence to family members of the abducted girl.

Attack on Hindu temple: A group of influential locals under the leadership of one Ibrahim attacked ´Lord Shiva Temple´ at Dhamrai sub-district, under Dhaka district of October 8, 2009. Attackers demolished deities, looted valuables and injured 10 Hindus including the priest of the temple. Subsequently a case was lodged with the local police station by the priest Mongal Chandra Mondal [a local Hindu], but police did not arrest any of the attackers for reason unknown.

Forceful conversion of a Hindu girl: The Trend of fraudulent conversion by Muslims personifying Hindu adolescent girls increased abnormally at Joypurhat [northern part of the country] in Bangladesh. In those areas, a sense of insecurity prevails amongst the Hindu communities due to such unabated trend. The local administration also failed to provide adequate protection to victim families of Hindu communities.Purnima Rani – daughter of Dulal Roy of Chitra Para-Joypurhat town was missing for weeks. She was not rescued by police as her abducters were patronized by local leaders of the ruling party. In this area, police regularly deny to register complaints of abduction and forceful conversion.

Another Hindu girl named Nabami Sarkar – daughter of Akhil Sarkar as well Krishna Rani, Mina Debnath, Shikha Debnath and Prativa Rani [all Hindu girls] were forcefully abducted for conversion into Islam by influential locals. At the frantic bid of the human rights and minority rights groups, local police rescued Purnima Roy daughter of Dulal Roy on October 9, 2009 and produced her before the court. The court sent her to judicial custody.In another incident, a Hindu girl named Krishna was abducted by a Muslim boy and later was raped in captivity. Local finally were able to rescue the girl in a critical condition. Though a case was lodged, there was no action by the police against the perpetrators.

It is alleged that, local politicians belonging to the ruling party are putting pressure on police in remaining silent on such cases of abduction and conversion, as many Muslims consider conversions as a ´Holy task´.Most of the Hindu parents of girl children are in serious fear, as such abduction and forceful conversion may happen with their girls any moment.Trend of forceful conversion of religious minorities to Islam is increasing in Bangladesh especially after the increase of activities of Tablighi jamaat as well as provocative sermons by Muslim clergies in the mosques.

These clergies and Tablighis offer heaven for the person and his parents and fore-parents for a successful conversion of a religious minority girl or boy into Islam. According to Bangladesh law, abduction and forceful conversion is a criminal offense. But, none were ever convicted by any courts of law in the country for forcefully converting any minority girl into Islam. In most cases, the abducted girls are converted into Islam and subsquently married to a Muslim boy. Before trial starts, these abducted girls mostly become pregnant. So, they fail to speak out against such crime, fearing finally being abandoned both by her ´husband´ as well members of her family and community.

Several females, who were victims of such notoriety finally ended up in local brothels, being totally abandoned by everyone.Establishment of a rehabilitation center for such minority girls, who are abducted, violated and finally rescued but abandoned by the families and societies should be established in Bangladesh for the greater cause of humanity. On the other hand, Bangladeshi government should also introduce strict law for the incidents of attack on religious temples or worship places by any citizen of the country

A minority Hindu girl abducted at Patuakhali, Bangladesh

Victims family is under threat from Criminals

Source: The daily “Janakantha” dated 11th October, 2009.

Serious tension prevailing at Patuakhali town in Bangladesh where a minority Hindu girl was kidnapped by a group of criminals on 30th September,09 with active collusion of Neseruddin ( Babu )(20) son of Chan Meah Behari and Rana a.k.a. Zamal Rana (22). Despite lodging a GD at the local police station, victim’s father is absconding for life while criminals roam freely.
Local police is also reluctant to protect family members and the father of the victim partly because of criminals influence in the influential circle of the locality.
According to the report, Victim was kidnapped on the evening of 30th September at around 8PM when she went to purchase candle from a nearby store. Allegedly, the aforementioned perpetrators noted above with the active instigation of Sohag abducted the minor girl- Anamika Saha and fled away. Netai Chandra Saha –father of the victim lodged F.I.R. at Patuakhali Sadar Police station against those perpetrators under section 7/30 of Nari-O-Shishu Nirjatan Ain, 2002. A case being Patuakhali P.S. case number 4(10)2009 was registered.

Netai Chandra Saha lamented getting back his daughter from criminals family who is acting as legal guardian of the perpetrators –but those legal guardians, although committed to return back his daughter but neglected. As soon as the case was started the legal guardian and the perpetrators threatened Netai Chandra Saha and they became more furious informing him that they would not return their daughter forever.