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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bengali settlers resume expansion of settlement in Sajek: Update

Source: PCJSS

Update of Sajek’s situation

It is learnt that on 21 January 2010 two Jumma youths were caught by army of Baghaihat zone from nearby place of outpost of the zone closed to Baghaihat bazaar. The youths were preventing Jumma villagers from selling their product as Baghaihat bazaar was being boycotted in protest of expansion of Bengali settlement in Gangaram Duar started since 17 January. However, local Jumma women protested against the arrest of the youths. At a stage, women took the youths away from army custody.

On the other, it is reported that in retaliation to this incident mentioned above, army conducted operation at adjacent areas of Gangaram Duar under Sajek union. During the operation, Jumma villagers including women were forcefully gathered and tortured indiscriminately. Several women were also severely injured. But the names of the injured villagers including women are yet to be received.