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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Source: HRCBM-Bangladesh

Miscreants in Bangladesh's Narayanganj district vandalised an ancient Hindu temple, with assailants destroying six idols, a top official said on Saturday.

A gang of 30-35 men attacked the Sonargaon temple and broke six idols, said Md Yunus Ali, the local police chief.

He said the incident took place while the devotees were holding a religious function at the Sree Sree Rakshakali Temple at Ashrafdi village.

The miscreants vandalised the temple and four houses, injuring at least five people, in Narayanganj's Sonargaon subdivision yesterday, the private bdnews24 news agency said.

A case is underway, the police official was quoted as saying in the report. The Sonargaon police chief said religious programme began on February 2.The gang attacked the temple following an altercation between a devotee and three youths of the village.

Muslims demolished a Hindu Temple at Sonargoan

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By William Gomes

On 5th February a large group of 35 Muslims thugs fully demolished the 6 deities and attacked on neighboring Hindu houses.

They demolished the deities and injured several while the Hindu devotes were busy in prayer they attacked on the Shri Shri Kali Roksha Mondir at Asrafdi village in Sonargoan.

The Muslim thugs demolished the Shivla Devi, Gonga and other four deities said Niti a Hindu devote who was injured in attack.
As the Hindus informed the local police , police came lately so the Muslim thugs were able to run away , the officer in charge denied the allegation but admit that he knows about the incident.
He added that we will investigate and take proper initiative.