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Sunday, October 14, 2007

HRCBM-France Organizational Announcement

HRCBM-France Organizational Announcement

22 Avenue Anatole france
93500 Pantin

HRCBM-France would like this opportunity to impart you that the organization has formed it’s committee on 31st July, 2006 and continued to serve Bangladesh Minorities since then. This is for the first time we are announcing our organizational structure for your perusal.
The Executive Committee which is formed for two years consists 17 Members and given as below:

Office Bearer:

President: Mr. Roy Rajat

Vice President: Mr. Nillutpal Marma(Ratan Saha)

Secretary: Ms. Biva Biswas

Joint Secretary: Mr. Sanjib Banik

Organizing Secretary: Mr. Santosh Paul

Treasurer: Ms. Sanu Biswas


1. Mr. Swadesh Barua

2. Mr. Noyon Roy

3. Mr. Shiplu Roy

4. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Banik

5. Mr. Niluftpal Roy

6. Mr. Prodip Das

7. Mr. Kajal Roy

8. Mr. Bishu Dey

9. Mr. Shikha Rani Das

10. Mr. Placid Shipon Gomez

11. Mr. Deb Kumar Mitra

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