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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Buddhist Zadi plundered in Teknaf of Cox’s Bazaar district

Picture (Courtesy: Kapaeeng Foundation): The above picture depicts the plundered remains of Buddhist Xadi at Teknaf.

Report Submitted by:
Kapaeeng Foundation

On 13 June at night an ancient Zadi situated on top of Nilla Bazaar hill has been broken. Nilla is 12 miles north of Teknaf (Kayoukchoung) in the district of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. It is not yet known whether it was an act of zealotry or was it merely plundered in search of treasure. Buddhist community from Teknaf visited the site the following morning on June 13, 2009. They found one of the Zadi partly broken having being dug from underneath the gu entrance. Some pictures are attached herewith. There are three Zadi on top of the hill and the biggest one has been found plundered. These Zadis could be seen clearly as we travel on road from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf and also from the Burma side of river Naff that divide the two countries. The houses nearby that you will see in the pictures are the illegal Kala encroachments that they had settled not without the support of the local muscle men and goons. The local Buddhist community there in Nilla is very small (microscopic in act) in number and their faint voices could hardly reach the top helm of the Bangladesh government.

This News Release has been prepared in accordance with the report of Ven. U Bodhinyana, Teknaf.

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