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Monday, September 14, 2009

Bangladesh: Criminals impede a hindu business man from seeking justice

Report: The daily Alor Jagat dated 8th September, 2009.
From our Khulna Correspondent:

Golak Chandra Mondal – a young businessman belonging to Hindu community of Paikgacha Upazila have become the victim of physical torture-intimidation committed by Abdullah, Mizan, Madhu Sheikh, Jagadish Pramanik and more 6-7 persons. Finding no other alternative he filed a case in the court against those perpetrators. The court directed the O.C. Paikgacha police to treat written complain as FIR.

It is also alleged in the FIR lodged by the victim said due to enmity some persons took false initiative to make the fabricated cases recorded against the victim and with the collusion of Delwar Hossain – a Sub-Inspector of police at the said police station. He also prayed for withdrawal of the false cases against him before the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Khulna requesting him for stopping continuous repression upon him by some persons aided by police officers Paikgacha P.S. The DIG of Police directed the S.P. Khulna for enquiry into allegations and as a result Delwar Hossain – S.I. of Police became angry with the victim. In this opportunity some extortionist with tacit help of dishonest police attacked the victim with arms 2 days before the enquiry on 1st and 2nd September, 09, but luckily the victim was saved. The victim also said that the extortionists claimed Taka 50,000/- and he paid taka 5,500/- to them and they also snatched away his Mobile set and thereafter Golak is absconding for fear of lives.

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