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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bangladesh: Marma girl raped and then kidnapped by Bengali Muslim settler in Sindukchari

Report submitted by: Kapaeeng Foundation

On 4 September 2009 an orphan Marma girl (13 years) of Nakbai Para of Sindukchari area under Mahalchari upazila in Khagrachari district was raped and then kidnapped by Bengali settler named Md. Ripan (35) s/o Shahjahan Patowari of Zianagar village under Manikchari upazila in Khagrachari district.It is learnt that Md. Ripan, a construction labour who has two wives was brought as labourer by Mr. Babul contractor Tintahari village of Manikchari upazila to work for construction of culvert of Drung stream at Nakbai village under Sindukchari union. The victim along her family lives near the Drung stream.
Md. Ripan frequently visits victim’s house in the name of drinking of water.On 4 September 2009 victim’s mother Ms. Myama Marma went to the Pathachara Buddhist temple to attend the funeral ceremony of the monk leaving victim alone at the house. By taking advance of this opportunity, Md. Ripan entered the house of victim and offered victim to go with him for searching job at garment factory.
At a stage, Md. Ripan raped the victim and then kidnapped forcefully. Victim was taken to Noakhali district. On 14 September 2009 two constables named Md. Rafiq and Tajul Islam arrested Md. Ripan along with the victim in Noakhali while Md. Ripan along the Marma girl was suspiciously moving there. Md. Ripan and victim were handed over to the Guimara police station on 15 September 2009. On that day, victim’s mother Ms. Myama Marma filed a raping and kidnapping case under section 10 of Women and Children Repression (Amendment) Act of 2003 against Mr. Ripan on 15 September 2009.
On 16 September statement of the culprit Md. Ripan and the victim was taken by the judicial magistrate court of Khagrachari district.On 15 September the victim was taken to Khagrachari district hospital for medical check-up. But the medical report is yet to be received.

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