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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Christians attacked by armed Muslim gang in Bangladesh

Source: Thaindian News

Dhaka, Sep.9 (ANI): Armed Muslim gangs in Solepur, located close to Dhaka, have been targeting Christians for several weeks, forcing many members of the community to flee the area.
Forced land sales and motorcycle thefts are rampant in the area and despite the incidents being reported, the police has done little to prevent the targeting of the minority community .
People are so frightened that they have now stopped talking about the criminal activities fearing retaliatory attacks.
When asked about the attacks, Pavel John Gomes, a young Catholic resident of Solepur, said he did not want to talk about the ‘persecution of Christians’ because of possible retaliation.
Gomes said an armed gang had forced several Christians to sell their lands to Muslims and some residents were even forced to leave their village.
“At least in one case, there was an attempt to abduct a young Christian woman,” the quoted Gomes, as saying.
A Christian lady, Philimona Gomes, recalled an incident which took place in April this year when a group of ten Muslim attackers tied her up, thrashed and humiliated her and took away all her money.
“I prayed to Our Lady to save me,” Gomes said.
Gomes son, Richard, said the armed attackers also gave them death threats.
Richard said the Christians are being targeted in order to force them out of the area. (ANI)

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