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Monday, October 19, 2009

Bangladesh: Abducted and gang raped minority housewife fighting for life


A group of armed criminals wearing mask abducted a minority Hindu woman while she was sleeping with her husband and later gang-raped her. The victim is now fighting for her life at the hospital.

Two criminals are now under arrest in this incident.

Police informs the reporter that, on Friday night, a group of six criminals wearing masked burst into the house of Sagar Das cutting through tin shed hedge of his house at Madhupur upazilla.

They attacked and forcefully abducted the housewife (25), mother of two children and gang raped her in a nearby paddy field. Husband of the victim, Sagar Das sustained several stab wounds while trying to save his wife.

According to report, criminals snatched the housewife dragging her through fileds and brought the victim at Taila Kupi open field while gang raped her there.

The victim was found unconsciously lying in the open field and rescued by family members who admitted her at Pabna Sadar Hospital.

Mr. Sagar Das, the husband of the victim filed a case against the perpetrators of crime at Ataikula police station.

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