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Monday, October 5, 2009

Criminals attack minority family, kills baby and hang body with rope

Source: The Daily Star

Criminals killed an 18-month-old child and seriously injured the mother of the baby at their Puratan Bazar residence in Bagerhat town yesterday morning.

The deceased is Arna Basu Tisha, daughter of Shuchitra Basu and Pallab Basu, an employee of a cement shop in Bagerhat town.

A group of 10 or 12 criminals, who entered the house at about 10:30am, strangled the child and hung its body with a rope from the ceiling, said Shuchitra Basu, now undergoing treatment at Bagerhat General Hospital.

The criminals also beat her to serious injuries and left the place before neighbours rushed there, she said.

As the child and the mother were taken to Bagerhat General Hospital at about 11:15am, doctors declared the child dead.

Pallab Basu was not at home during the tragic incident, said Shuchitra.

It might be a sequel to previous enmity, police said.

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