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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A minority Hindu girl abducted at Patuakhali, Bangladesh

Victims family is under threat from Criminals

Source: The daily “Janakantha” dated 11th October, 2009.

Serious tension prevailing at Patuakhali town in Bangladesh where a minority Hindu girl was kidnapped by a group of criminals on 30th September,09 with active collusion of Neseruddin ( Babu )(20) son of Chan Meah Behari and Rana a.k.a. Zamal Rana (22). Despite lodging a GD at the local police station, victim’s father is absconding for life while criminals roam freely.
Local police is also reluctant to protect family members and the father of the victim partly because of criminals influence in the influential circle of the locality.
According to the report, Victim was kidnapped on the evening of 30th September at around 8PM when she went to purchase candle from a nearby store. Allegedly, the aforementioned perpetrators noted above with the active instigation of Sohag abducted the minor girl- Anamika Saha and fled away. Netai Chandra Saha –father of the victim lodged F.I.R. at Patuakhali Sadar Police station against those perpetrators under section 7/30 of Nari-O-Shishu Nirjatan Ain, 2002. A case being Patuakhali P.S. case number 4(10)2009 was registered.

Netai Chandra Saha lamented getting back his daughter from criminals family who is acting as legal guardian of the perpetrators –but those legal guardians, although committed to return back his daughter but neglected. As soon as the case was started the legal guardian and the perpetrators threatened Netai Chandra Saha and they became more furious informing him that they would not return their daughter forever.

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