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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Jumma adolescent chopped by Bengali Muslim settlers in Naniarchar

Source: Kapaeeng Foundation

On 2 January 2009 a Jumma kid named Rikel Chakma (12 years) s/o Sadhan Moni Chakma of Kukurmapa village under Naniarchar upazila in Rangamati district was chopped by Bengali settlers of Islampur of Naniarchar upazila. Ligament of a left leg of Rikel Chakma was cut.

It is learnt that Sadhan Moni Chakma along with his son Rikel Chakma went to nearby jungle to collect bamboos for household use. At that time, a group Bengali settlers numbering 5/6 persons from Islampur settler village led Md. Rubel attacked them at around 1.00 pm on that day. Bengali settlers threw sharp lethal weapon targeting Rikel Chakma while he along with his father was escaping from the attack of Bengali settlers. The sharp lethal weapon directly hit the left leg of the victim and ligament was fully hacked.

He was admitted at Rangamati general hospital on 3 December 2010. Dr. Jitendrijo Tanchangya of Rangamti general hospital advised the father of victim to transfer the patient to Chittagong Medical College hospital for higher treatment. But the father of victim failed to transfer his son to Chittagong due to financial constraint so far. A police case was filed with Naniarchar police station. But nobody was arrested so far.

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