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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Late Update on Khagrachari incident

Source: PCJSS

24 February 2010, 9.25 pm

1. In the morning of 24 February 2010 a GoB Team including the State minister of Home Ministry, the State minister of Law ministry and the State minister of MoCHTA visited Bagaihut and gave assurances of proper rehabilitation and punishment of the culprits.

2. In the afternoon, they held meeting in Khagrachari Hill District sadar and along with them Jatindra Lal Tripura, MP and Chairman of the Task Force on Rehabilitation of Refugee Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons spoke there. Particularly the State Minister of Home Ministry stated that the incidents of killing, arson and looting at Baghaihut and Khagrachari were not desirable in a democratic and independent country of Bangladesh. It was possible only by the Pak Raider Army. Those who were Anti-Accord and War Criminals they committed the said heinous act.

It is learnt that it created sharp reactions among the fundamentalist communal elements and held a secret meeting and took decision to oppose it through committing further communal riots.

3. The RAB and the local army rounded up Jumma villages since the morning of 24 February 2010 and arrested many Jumma boys and persons including innocent ones from Khagrachari sadar areas.

The matter was placed to the local MP J. L Tripura, raised the issue with the Region Commander of Khagrachari. The Commander denied it and falsely argued in favour of the action. as a result, they had exchanges of hot words.

During the last night, the Jumma people guarded their villages at Khagrachari sadar. Particularly the Tripura People protected their villages, named Khagrapur other surrounding villages for which the settlers could not enter to their villages at all.

4. In Dighinala of Khagrachari a meeting was held in the afternoon and decision was taken to improve the situation. Until now no report of untoward incidents received from there.

5. On the contrary, the Commanding Officer of the Harina army Camp in Barkal Upazila in Rangamati Hill District instructed today for not going to Harina Bazar, suspecting communal attack. It indicates that situation may deteriorate there also.

6. Most importantly, it is noted that Bangali Chhatra Parishad is to hold rally tomorrow. If it is held, the communal forces may have the chance to avail it through committing communal riots at Rangamati town also. Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether 144 would be imposed there for tomorrow (25 Feb).

7. To-day Bengali people searched buses plied from Rangamati to Chittagong –Dhaka at Ranirhut and Raozan of Chittagong Hill District to find out Jumma Persons.

8. Latest Development

1) Arrest of Jumma people by army at Khagrachari sadar

After the visit of the GoB Team the army troops rounded up Jumma villages including those of the Tripura ones and apprehended some youths falsely accusing culprits. As a result, the Jumma males had to flee away from their houses and villages leaving their family members unprotected.

2) Attempts of Attack near CHTDB Rest House

Around 7.00 p.m. a group of settlers moved toward CHT Development Rest House Area situating on the eastern part of Khagrachari Town, where Jumma families including some PCJSS leaders including Sudha Sindhu Khisa (a member of CHTRC also) live. The RAB resisted them.

3) Attempts of Attack at Modhupur

Around 7.30 p.m. another group of settlers made attempts to raid the Madhupur Village. Owing to presence of Police they had to retreat from there at that moment. Suspecting further attack with more manpower the local leaders asked the Police authority to increase the strength.

4) Attack on Aparna Chowdhury Village of Golabari Mouza

Around 8.00 p.m. the settlers attacked Aparna Chowdhury Village of Golabari, Mouza, a Marma village situating on the south part of the Khagrachari sadar and till 10.00 p.m. it has been found flaming.

It is not known whether other villages have been exposed at the moment.

9. Conclusion:

It is apprehended that the settlers would fell upon many other villages at Khagrachari sadar this night and it may even encourage the settlers to commit riots at other areas.

In these circumstances, some immediate steps including strong order to Army Region to stop the rioters and to take up the step of transferring concerned commanders and civil Officers.

In order to stop taking advantage of falsely arresting Jumma persons only pass order to postpone any kind of arrest at the moment.


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