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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Protest Action against Bhagaihat and Khagrachari in JAPAN

Source: Midori Matsuda's Photo album from facebook

The Jumma Peoples Network in Japan, World Jumma Voice and Jumma Net did take action together on 25 Feb 2010 in Tokyo, Japan. About 30 people joined this action and 1 newspaper journalist also came together.

The silence protest procession started from Meguro station toward the BD Embassy in the Meguro town.

Representatives of 3 organizations had a meeting with the secretary in the Embassy. We talked about these violences and incidents in Bhagaihat and Khagrachari now. And hand over the appeal letter for PM Sheik Hasina. He received it and wrote receive sign on the letter.

After that, this secretary man went to the outside and met with all jummas who were waited during this meetng in front of the Embassy. they could talk and appealed directly for a few minutes .

Before that meeting , the participants had the gathering in the park where next to Embassy and made some speechs and stood in silence for a minute pray for all jumma victims.
Location: Tokyo, Japan

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