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Friday, March 5, 2010

Chakmas in CHT being subjected to ethnic cleansing

Source: PTI

Chakmas community living in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh are being subjected to "systematic ethnic cleansing" by a section of that country's military and Islamic fundamentalists who conduct arms training camps for terrorists there, a community leader alleged today.

"Islamic fundamentalists, along with a section of the Bangladesh military, are carrying out ethnic cleansing of the Chakma community in the CHT. Islamic militants are also running arms training camps there," Secretary General of the World Chakma Organisation, Venerable Bimal Bikhhu told a press conference.

Bikhhu said a series of attacks in various parts of the CHT between February 19 to 24 left at least six indigenous Chakmas dead and 50 injured.

Over 400 tribal houses, along with a Buddhist temple and a church, were burnt down during the attack, while 2,000 people were displaced, he claimed.

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Facebook said...

All the minorities should be united to resist such nuissance activities. We should not beg only to the Govt. & administration. To save ourselves, we should do something which is extremely needed for our saviours. No Islamic fundamentalist should be allowed to access in the land of minorities & to resist it, we should know how to die through a just-fighting.