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Friday, October 22, 2010

Minority women tortured by Superintendent of Bangladesh Police


HRCBM-Dhaka, 22 October2010 : Minority Housewife physically
tortured by Superintendent of Police, Madaripur district of Bangladesh
because she did not agree to withdraw case against perpetrators of
crime , revealed in a press conference (The Daily Jugantor dated 18th
of October, 2010, The Daily Janakantha dated 18th of October, 2010 and
The Daily Janata dated 20th October, 2010)

According to Uttam Banerjee of HRCBM-Madaripur Dist Unit , an
untoward incident of physical torture on a Hindu woman named
Ms.Shila Mullick wife of Bhupendra Nath Mullick of village –Aruakandi
of Rajoir police station within Madaripur District of Bangladesh on
21st of October, 2010. At about 11 A M .

It is learnt that the victim is neither an accused nor of any
offender in connection with any criminal offence in Bangladesh. She
went to office of Superintendent of Police, Madaripur to get proper
justice in connection with Rajoir P.S. case No. 08 dated 20.08.2010
under section 148/323/379/307/326/386/114 of Penal code filed by
herself alleging that offence of section 326/307/386 of penal code
against criminals had already been stricken by O.C. Rajoir P.S. with a
view to give impunity to the offenders of Rajoir P.S. case No.08 dated
20.08.2010. Before her meeting she was allowed to enter into the
Chamber of Mr. Sardar Tomizuddin Ahmed, S.P. after an hour waiting and
she was taken in to a solitary room for interrogation and during
interrogation she was physically tortured.

Mr.Sardar Tomizuddin Ahmed, S.P. of Madaripur District became angry
with Ms.Shila Mullick and put pressure on Shila to accede to withdraw
her case from the court against the perpetrators, but Ms.Shila refused
to withdraw the case filed earlier against the perpetrators
responsible for criminal intimidation, attempt to murder and torture
upon her husband. Sardar Tomizuddin (Telephone No. 01713373582 )
repeatedly tried to extract signatures from the victim with criminal
intimidation in presence of his junior police officers, but Ms.Shila
did not agree with the Superintendent of Police and as a result Mr.
Tomizuddin caught hold of her long tuft of hair firstly started to
beat by hands later he took a stick made of cane and started to beat
her mercilessly causing severe injuries on her left arm, neck and back
side of her body. (Sign of torture quite visible within the photograph
and medical report)

As Mr. Shila received severe injuries and could not take proper
treatment within Madaripur Distrtict for fear of life, she came to
Dhaka Medical College Hospital on 07.10.2010 and she was treated by
Dr. Sayed Amzad Ali, Dhaka Medical College Hospital and injury report
was obtained.

Ms. Shila made an appeal to Ms. Sahara Khatun, Minister for Home
Affairs, and Government of Bangladesh on 15.10.2010 but no action has
yet been taken against the Superintendent of Police responsible for
physical assault on women.

Ms.Shila also made a press conference at Dhaka and ventilated her
angry reaction and prayed for necessary protection of her life.

Dy Inspector General of Police will visit the place of occurrence
to-morrow, 23 October 2010.
HRCBM- Madaripur Dist Unit has been asked to keep in touch of the
development and informed the HRCBM-Dhaka as and when required.

Detailed report published in print media has been published. A press
Clipping of the daily Janakantha ( 18 Oct 2010 ) has been appended
alone with photograph of the victim Shela Mallick herewith for
necessary action .

Firsthand report submitted by HRCBM-Dhaka
Dated :22 October 2010

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Facebook said...

We want to see the examplary punishment of this notorious S.P. with the termination from job so that no police-officials dare to occure the same happennings in the longrun otherwise the image of the govt. also will be black-inked.