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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Call to disclose Kalpana Chakma’s abduction rep

Source: The Daily Star News

Speakers on Tuesday demanded immediate disclosure of the enquiry report on the kidnapping of Kalpana Chakma and punishment of the abductors.

Taking part in a human chain in front of the National Museum, the speakers demanded constitutional recognition of the indigenous people of the country.

Hill Women’s Federation (HWF) and ‘Pahari Chhatra Parisahd’ organised the human chain on the 15th anniversary of Kalpana Chakma's disappearance.

“Since the government is committed to implement the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) treaty, it should ensure the constitutional and legal rights of hill people to establish peace in this region,” said columnist Syed Abul Maksud.

Demanding arrest and punishment of the people involved in the kidnapping of Kalpana Chakma, the then organising secretary of the HWF, he urged the government to publish the enquiry report.

Khushi Kabir, coordinator of ‘Nijera Kori’, stressed on implementation of the CHT treaty and demanded making public the enquiry report.

Rakhi Das Purkaistha, organising secretary of Bangladesh Mohila Parishad, expressed deep concern over continuing harassment on women in the hilly region as well as the whole country.

Leaders of the HWF and ‘Pahari Chhatra Parishad’ asked the government to publish white paper on killing, kidnap, rape and the violation of human rights in the CHT region.

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