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Monday, June 4, 2012

Jumma villagers attacked by Bengali settlers with the intention to grab land in Barkal

Source: Kapaeeng Foundation


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On 30 June 2012, three indigenous villagers including a woman of an indigenous family were allegedly attacked and injured by Bengali settlers with the intention to grab the land of that family in Barkal upazila of Rangamati district.
The victims were identified as Mr. Biro Kumar Chakma (60), Mr. Amar Kanti Chakma (28) s/o Biro Kumar Chakma and (3) Ms. Sangeet Mala Chakma (25) w/o Amar Kanti Chakma of village Amtala of Aimachara union under Barkal upazila in Rangamati district. Of them, seriously injured Biro Kumar Chakma was admitted to Barkal upazila Hospital and other two were released on that day after providing primary treatment.
It is learnt that on that day in the morning time Biro Kumar Chakma, his son Amar Kanti Chakma and daughter-in-law Sangeet Mala Chakma together went to their own land nearby their home to erect a house. At that time, Md. Amir Hossein (45) and his two sons Md. Jasim (21) and Md. Ibrahim (18) of nearby Bengali settler area of Amtala suddenly attacked them with stick and wood and beat indiscriminately, leaving the Jumma villager seriously injured. Of them, Biro Kumar Chakma sustained serious injuries on his head, shoulder and backside.
According to the victims, Bengali settler Md. Amir Hossein and his family coming from nearby Kalabunia area of Barkal upazila had already forcefully occupied paddy land of Biro Kumar Chakma and constructed house in 2006 on this land. At that time, Biro Kumar Chakma filed a general diary against Amir Hossain with Barkal police station. Now, again he is trying to snatch away the rest hilly land, the last property of Biro Kumar Chakma.
It is learnt that Biro Kumar Chakma put an allegation on the attack with the Barkal police station. But, till preparing the report, no action was reportedly taken by the police against the attackers.

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