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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Human Chain for sexual assaultation of a Buddhist monk by Bangladesh Army personnels.

Source: CHT-Jummaland

On Thursday (January 16th, 2014), a Buddhist monk was sexually assaulted by a army personnel and a member of Ansar Battalion in Bilaichuri under the sub-district of Rangamati (Bangladesh).
It is learned that on January 16th, 2014 two law enforcers entered the Vihar (temple), sexually assaulted and tortured the monk and absconded with money and others valuable. Due to indignity and fear of further assault, the monk did not disclose such matters to others immediately after the attack. A similar incident occurred once again and this time the monk compelled to disclose it. In protest of this incident, Parbotto Bikkhu Sangha and Buddho Jono Sadharon have arranged a peaceful demonstration forming “human chain” in front of D.C office of Rangamati.

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