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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Alleged arson attacks on indigenous minority villages at CHT, Bangladesh

Reported submitted by Kapaeeng Watch.

On 20 April 2008 at mid-night an arson attack was made by newly infiltrated Bengali settlers with the direct support of Bangladesh military forces at Baghaihat area of Sajek union under Baghichati upazila in Rangamati district in CHT.
In this attack, around 76 houses of indigenous Jumma villagers of 7 villages were completely burnt down. It is report that Selim Bahari, President of Baghaichari branch and Golam Molla, President of Baghaihat branch of Equal Rights Movement, an extreme nationalist and fanatic organisation of Bengali settler led the Bengali settlers to conduct this attack with the direct sup[port of military forces of Baghaihat army zone of 33 East Bengali Regiment (2) led by commanding officer Lt. Col. Sajid Imtiaz, Captain Zabaedur Rahman and RP Habilder Harun.
The following list of indigenous Jumma villagers whose houses were burnt down prepared by three members of Sajek union, namely, Kalachoga Chakma, Swapanika Chakma and Jotsna Chakma are as follows:
Daine Baibachara village including Shanti Mamber Para and Kachu Adam:

  1. Bimal Kanti Chakma

  2. Shanti Bikash Chakma(1)

  3. Nayan Ranjan Member

  4. Brisha Muni Chakma

  5. Chiringo Chakma

  6. Subhanga Chakma

  7. Dayal Kista Chakma

  8. Kina Chan Ckakma

  9. Shyamal Kanti Chakma

  10. Pratilata Chakma

  11. Shanti Jiban Chakma

  12. Gobinda ChakmaSubolya

  13. ChakmaKala Kachu Chakma

  14. Jyosna Rani Chakma (Member)

  15. Rabi Shankar Chakma

  16. Rupayan Master

  17. Shakya Bodhi Master

  18. Neuton Chakma (Dr.)

  19. Rakhi Chakma

  20. Nihar Kanti Chakma

  21. Nirmal Kanti Chakma

  22. Chigon Chiji Chakma

  23. Dhabana Chakma

  24. Shanti Ranjan Ckakma

  25. Kala Chan Chakma

  26. Neuton Chakma (Kalabo)

  27. Kamini Ranjan Chakma

  28. Sushi Ranjan Chakma

  29. Rabi Ranjan Chakma

  30. Baratya Chakma

  31. Shanti Bikash Chakma (2)

  32. Suma Chakma (Para Kendra School)

Gangaram Mukh village:

  1. Gyana Chakma

  2. Sunesh Chakma

  3. Kaladhan Chakma

  4. Jagadish Chakma

  5. Lorbo Chakma

  6. Maratshaw Chakma

  7. Ajit Chakma

  8. Mangal Sadhan Chakma

  9. Chiranta Master

  10. Suman Chakma

  11. Chandra Mohan Chakma

Baghaihat Purba Para village:

  1. Jyoti Moy Chakma

  2. Kala Maratya Chakma

  3. Arun Bikash Chakma

  4. Jagadish Chakma

  5. Rupan Chakma

  6. Bhubati Chakma

  7. Sumati Ranjan Chakma

  8. Dhana Gula Chakma

  9. Nilamoy Chakma

  10. Mangal Sen Chakma

  11. Dhana Bikash Chakma

  12. Gyana Ranjan Chakma

  13. Sunil Kanti Chakma

  14. Trishankar Chakma

  15. Paran Sona Chakma

  16. Monu Ranjan Chakma

  17. Dulal Chakma

  18. Amar Bikash Chakma

  19. Rumel Chakma

  20. Bangalya Chakma

  21. Laxmi Kumar Chakma

  22. Samar Kanti Chakma

  23. Amar Kanti Chakma

  24. Minal Chakma

  25. Laxmindra Chakma

  26. Indra Raj Chakma

  27. Aiub Kanti Chakma

Retaabachara village:

  1. Mon Mohan Chakma

  2. Ranesh Chakma

  3. Kinadhan Chakma

  4. Ladu Muni Chakma

  5. Goyeshur Chakma

Sajek Arson Attack
Translation of news titled "Swajaner Sandhaney Supayan Chakma" published in Bengali daily 'Prothom Alo' on 28 April 2008
Supayan Chakma's quest for relatives
One-night incident has changed the life of Supayan Chakma, a student of grade VI of Baghaihat High School. He along with a bag and a bundle of books was looking for his family members for six days. He was crossing one hill to another hill of deep forest. But he could not trace out his family members.Kamini Chakma of Daine Baibachara village of Sajek union is the father of Supayan Chakma. Like other houses, their house was also burnt to ashes during the arson attack committed by some miscreants on 20 April. He became detached from his father, mother and his elder brother Biken Chakma while they escaping.Supayan Chakma who reached at Kabakhali moan (hill) under Dighinala upazila last Saturday said that he would go Babuchari union close to Indian border to find out his parent. Some one informed him that his father, mother and brother took shelter at a hill there.Supayan Chakma, like other villagers, started walking for safe shelter along with his books and cloths. After walking a long distance along with the villagers, they halted for rest at a place. But he became aware suddenly that his father, mother and brother are not along with. He passed nights sleeping at bottom of tree or at house of different families even without food and started every day tracing for his family members during daytime.The sun was simmering while he started walking 10 kilometres distance along with his books and bag. However, could he find out his family members?During arson attack by some miscreants at Baghaihat area of Sajek union under Baghaichari upazila in Rangamati district at night of 20 April, more than hundred houses of Jumma and Bengali peoples of seven villages were burnt to ashes. Of them, most of Jumma villagers took shelter in deep forest while other Jummas at a Buddhist temple and a cluster village. And Bengali people took shelter at Bghaihat bazar. Though one week have been passed after occurrence of the incident, but commander of the Baghaihat zone admitted that situation is yet to be normal.Baghaichari Unpazila Nirbahi Officer Mr. Shibir Bichitra Barua admitted that more than two hundred students' books were burnt down in this arson attack. He said that the books for these students would be bought for continuing their study without interruption.

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