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Saturday, May 3, 2008


Report from HRCBM-BNC
Note: Till writing this report, Police found to be prejudiced and reluctant to apprehend the criminal. Our Bangladesh National Chapter reported that criminals are in close contacts with IO (Investigating Officer). However, police denies of any such link.
Due to continuous threat from the influential quarters, Shri Chanchal Dutta (45), hapless father of a Hindu schoolgirl couldn't file a case against the kidnappers of his daughter at the local police station for four days. Nobody is speaking out against this crime fearing retribution, as the kidnapper come from a very notorius family. Finding no other alternatives, Chanchal Dutta approached HRCBM-BNC, Dinajpur for justice.
As per Shri Chanchal Dutta of Barabandar under Kotwali PS of Dinajpur, his minor aged daughter Miss Upama Dutta (15) is a student of class IX in the local school, was going to her tutor's residence on 26th April at around 7-30 A M, when she was proceeding towards her tutor Shri Tapan Chakraborty's residence, she was abducted by a neighborhood hoodlum on the road, Sohel Chowdhury, son of Alamgir Chowdhury alias Dulal Miah, a local man of Baluchar of Dinajpur . He used a motor vehicle to abduct her. Two local young men were the accomplices of this incident.
When Chanchal Dutta apprised earlier Alamgir Chowdhury and their relatives regarding unbecoming behaviour of Sohel in the street .They did not recognized this untoward incidences.
. Chanchal Dutta filed FIR on 26th April ,the same day to the Local Kotwali Thana, but Officer in Charge Mr Matiur Rahman ( 88-01713373963 ) did not take his case. Subsequently, Shri Dutta again brought this incident to the notice of the guardians of the abductor and other villagers but to no effect.
Shri Dutta apprised the case to the HRCBM- Dinajpur Unit , and HRCBM men talked with the SP of Dinajpur Mostafa Kamal ( Tel : 88- 01716386246 and 88-01713373955) and OC Kotwali but could find a positive reply from them besides tall talks . HRCBM apprised me that after 4-days police took FIR on 1 May 2008 . , FIR No -1 of 1/05/08 under Kotwali PS of Dinajpur.
Vice president of HRCBM-BNC Shri P R Barua ,former DIG ,Police and S R Baroi , Addle DIG, police were informed to take the matter for further enquiry and action. This the fourth case in two months.

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