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Friday, October 16, 2009

1 person killed and another allegedly injured by UPDF


Bimalananda Chakma reportedly killed by UPDF

Reliable sources confirmed that returnee PCJSS member Mr. Bimalananda Chakma was reportedly killed by the UPDF. Sources informed that the UPDF leaders asked the relatives of victim who went to contact to the UPDF leaders to make performing of funeral ceremony for Bimalananda Chakma. So, family members of Bimalananda Chakma gave up any hope of alive of Bimalananda Chakma.

It is mentionable that on 2 October 2009 UPDF armed cadres kidnapped Mr. Bimalananda Chakma (62) s/o Mereiya Chakma, a member of PCJSS, who came to normal life as per CHT Accord in 1997, from his home at Kerongchari village under Kengrachari union of Bilaichari upazila in Rangamati district at gunpoint.

Innocent Marma student injured by UPDF cadres in Khagrachari

On 14 October 2009 UPDF cadres brutally beat an innocent student named Chaihla Marma (20) who also works at a garage in Khagrachari for earning.

It is learnt that on that day UPDF was observing road blockade programme in Khagrachari. During the road blockade, Chaihla Marma was caught when he was going to home by bye-cycle and then he was brutally beaten by the UPDF picketers. Chaihla Marma sustained injuries on head. He was first admitted at Khagrachari sadar hospital and then referred to Chittagong Medical College hospital with serious condition. Marma community brought out procession protesting against the brutal beating of innocent student.

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