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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Muslim Men Pretending to Be Hindu to Lure Hindu Girls Into Marriage

Source: AINA

Joypurhat, Bangladesh (AINA) -- Muslim men are pretending to be Hindus to lure Hindu girls into marriage, then force them to accept Islam once they are married, according to Nripendra Nath Mondal, president of BHBC Unity Council of Joypurhat.
The practice of fraudulent conversion by Muslims impersonating Hindus has increased dramatically in Joypurhat. A sense of insecurity prevails in the Hindu communities. Local authorities have failed to give adequate protection to victims and their families.
In one example, Ms. Purnima Rani, daughter of Dulal Roy of Joypurhat, went missing after receing a fraudulent marriage offer with a "Hindu" boy. The Muslim perpetrator is a relative of a very powerful Juba League Leader of Joypurhat. Ms. Purnima Rani could not be recovered despite desperate several arbitration attempts with the powerful Awami League Leaders. The police also neglect to bring charges case against the perpetrators. In Ms. Rani's case charges were brought after great pressure was applied, but the perpetrator started harassing the victim's family.
Ms. Nabami Sarkar of Aimar Rasulpur village, Ms. Mina Debnath of Shaljune village, as well as Ms. Krishna Rani and Ms. Prativa Rani of Govindapur, were also targets of the scam.
The police have shown no interest in pursuing these cases. Hindu leaders have said the police are deliberately ignoring the issue because of pressure from political leaders.

1 comment:

Arctic said...

we need to protect our own family and the neighbours. the perpetrator always take the chnace when they see us weak. we need to have open discussions within our family about our culture, religion, safety etc. If we are not properly informed about these fraud, then our own people can be victimized. Please talk to your family, friends, neighbours etc and prevent these to happen.