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Monday, November 16, 2009

Vested Property Return (amend) Act: 'Consult with HR bodies, experts'

source: The Dailystar

angladesh Mahila Parishad yesterday expressed concern over the move to pass the propsed Vested Property Return (amendment) Act 2009 in parliament without consulting with experts, human rights organisations and representatives of the victims who lost their lands through loopholes of the vested property return act.

In a statement, the Parishad said the cabinet has recently approved the Vested Property Return (amendment) Act 2009, which would soon be placed in parliament.

But the fact is that no discussion took place with the representatives of the victims, legal experts, civil society members, researchers and rights activists before finalising the law, it added.

Those who have been harassed and lost their lands and properties due to the loopholes of the Vested Property Return Act would again fall victim to vested quarters and their rights would not be protected if the proposed amended act is passed without any changes, the Parishad said.

So, it called on the government to consult with the experts and representatives of the victims and bring changes to the amended act as per their suggestions with a view to protecting the rights of minorities.

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