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Monday, March 8, 2010

Criminals brutally torture minority women while evicting family

Source: The Daily Star News

Victim of brutality yesterday morning, pregnant Shoma Ghosh lying at Dinajpur Medical College Hospital.Photo: STAR

An eight-month pregnant woman living at a Dinajpur suburb is battling for life at Dinajpur Medical College and Hospital (DJMCH) as criminals brutally tortured her while evicting her family from a disputed land yesterday morning.

The woman, Shoma Ghosh, 19, was admitted to gynaecology department in a critical condition at 9:30am, DJMCH sources said.

Child in her womb got displaced as criminals dragged her out from the house after kicking her indiscriminately at the abdomen, said sources quoting the doctors who visited her.

Visiting the spot yesterday, this correspondent learnt that families of Narayan Chandra Ghosh and Naresh Chandra Ghosh have been living on a 2.5 decimal land at Pak-Paharpur in Dinajpur town for about 35 years as land owner Bimal Chowdhury had let them live on the land.

Bimal Chowdhury now lives in Manikganj district, said members of the two families.

Claiming ownership of the land, about 200 people backed by Swapan and his brother Tapan Kundu attacked the two families with wooden sticks and flattened their thatched houses when they were preparing breakfast in the morning, said villagers.

The miscreants kicked Shoma at the abdomen and attacked her mother-in-law as she came forward to save the pregnant woman, said witnesses, adding that the criminals looted the houses and evicted the two families from there.

Process was on to file a case as of filing this report.

The two families alleged that land owner Bimal Chowdhury took Tk 2 lakh 2 thousand from them in July last year to sell the 2.5 decimal land to them.

But the land was again sold out to Swapan Kundu.

Swapan and his brother along with about 200 men made the attack to take the land into their possession although there is a case over the land, said the victim families.

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